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Chef Sharynne Frazer

The turning point in my life was three years ago. (July, 2005) My then 77 year old mother was admitted to the hospital. Mom was in her 4th year of dementia, but nothing that was life threatening.

More than 40 years of prescription drugs, used to control her high blood pressure caused Poly-cystic Kidney Disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. The only sign or symptom is sudden death. Within a month of her admission she was dead. The prescription drugs ravaged her kidneys. The autopsy pictures showed that her kidneys looked like Swiss Cheese. The holes in her kidneys allowed toxins to dump directly into her bloodstream poisoning her.

I was with my Mother, my Dad, and “Binky” – our cat. I watched my Mom slip away from us day by day. The only great thing was that we fulfilled her wishes and brought her home. She was with her family!

My Mom passed away within 36 hours of being home. What I saw was my life, later on duplicating hers. To be brutally honest it scared me to death. My Dad is 83 and in good health except for a little diabetes. I feel that with Alissa’s recipes I should be able to get him completely off sugar fairly quickly. I’m “watching him like a hawk”. He does use Stevia and Agave nectar.

I know that working in the health and nutrition field is my passion. I feel the power and fulfillment from teaching. With more than 30 years experience in the medical profession including the Operating Room it is my personal responsibility to touch at least 3 people a day and talk to them about the benefits of raw food. The Mock Salmon Pate is a great spokesperson for eating raw!

If you are currently taking prescription drugs please read this bio carefully. There is help for you, but you must be willing to take responsibility. There is a whole other world out there waiting to be discovered. Try working with a holistic or naturopath to control your cravings and help you detox from refined foods, meat, dairy and fish. As you detox you will notice a dramatic shift in your taste buds. The foods you used to love to eat will begin to not taste as good as before.

My journey into raw food is an evolution that my body has taken on it’s own. I have willingly followed and now truly experience health, energy, and a vibrancy I haven’t known since I was in my 20’s. Believe it or not, I am 59 years young!! Listen to your body, it will tell whether it wants to eat or not. I have learned to eat to live now, not the other way around “live to eat”. Always remember portion control is critical to any permanent lifestyle change.

Take control of your life, come join us and “Experience Raw Food”!

Recipes by Chef Frazer